Happy, Happy, Country, Country

Tabs, letra y acordes de 'Happy, Happy, Country, Country' por Jack Ingram

G            D  
Happy happy, country, country 
C                G  
Somethin' snappy Somethin' funny 
G                        D 
Make 'em laugh, make 'em have a good time 
               C                         D 
Don't make 'em lonely cause it makes 'em cry 
              C             D 
Just give 'em happy, happy, country, country 
G                             C 
That's what they want, man to feel that funky 
G                           D 
Happy country music's gonna make 'em think everything 
C        D      G  
Is gonna be all right  
So many people feelin afraid 
   C                      G 
It looks like everybody's got it made 
So many others feelin' alone 
C                           D  
Got no one to love 'em when they get home 
Give em: 
They go to the bar to get away 
From all the problems of everyday 
Don't need another tear in my beer 
I got enough problems, don't breing them here 
Happiness and love that's lost 
C                     D       G  
We all want it and we pay the cost 
But tonight let me get away 
    C                          D 
And talkin' to the people, the people say 

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