Attitude & Drivin'

Tabs, letra y acordes de 'Attitude & Drivin'' por Jack Ingram

D            G  A              D    
Mile marker 595 just passed my window side 
  Bm                  G         A             D  
I didn't stop, didn't wonder why just kept on drivin' 
    D                     G          A                      D 
The sun's going down over San Antone, makes me wonder why I chose to roam 
          Bm                       G        A          D 
Yeah, the car's full but I'm still all alone while I'm drivin' 
A                          D 
Life's mostly attitude and drivin' 
A                   G       A 
Mostly attitude and drivin'  
There's a pickup truck parked on the side broke down after a million miles 
A black man stranded but he still smiles, he's thru drivin' 
And the water tower makes me think I see the city waitin' just ahead of me 
But another mile turns reality into somewhere I wish I could be 
Well, there's no time for whiskey in my cup, the cop's waitin' just to pick me up 
Cause the tail light broke behind the pickup truck that I was drivin' 
But there's Tex/Mex music on the radio, it's a song I think I know 
A conjunto tune, it's played nice and slow, it helps me drivin' 
Repeat verse 1

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