Elmo Lincoln

Tabs, letra y acordes de 'Elmo Lincoln' por Jack Ingram

Elmo Lincoln was a friend of mine 
C9                                         G6   C9 
We used to throw papers every weekday afternoon 
He was makin' some dough saving up for a bike 
      C9                                                G6     C9 
I was layin low I was killin time on those weekday afternoons 
          G                      G/F# 
Well, our hands got black but we never got tired 
Till one day I quit and Elmo got fired 
D       C9                      G6       C9 
We were free every weekday afternoon 
We rode that bike that he'd worked for all year 
Go down to the corner store, too young to want beer 
But we'd buy some baseball cards, I'd give him my gum 
Cause the shit was too hard and I didn't want none 
It would always get dark and I'd make an excuse 
Thinking he'd buy it But it was no use  
the sun never set down for Elmo Lincoln 
Not For Elmo Lincoln 
I'll never forget when old Elmo got stuck 
Stealing caps from a kid he ran out of luck 
We laughed at his nose but nobody had died 
Just a little lost blood and a bit of bruised pride 
You'd think he would quit but Elmo kept on 
Just pissed his collection was gone 
I guess I never really knew Elmo Lincoln 
Elmo Lincoln, Elmo Lincoln, Elmo Lincoln 
Well, I'll never let go the day I awoke from a call from a friend 
It'd been years since we spoke 
Elmo had been killed - run down in the night 
By a train without end, a train without light 
You think I would cry but never I did 
Couldn't help but smile just thinkin' of that kid 
That I used to run with - Elmo Lincoln

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