Airways Motal

Tabs, letra y acordes de 'Airways Motal' por Jack Ingram

Capo 2nd Fret 
Intro:  G  C9  G  C9 
        G  D  G 
     G                      C9        G 
I found myself down at the Airways Motel 
Drunk and half hearted again 
  G                       C9        G 
Alone with a woman who's not gonna tell 
                            D          G 
What I've been doin' and where I have been 
                                 C9            G 
It seems Sunday mornings, they come without warning 
I'm never ready for the way that I feel 
  G                         C9       G 
So sick of lying, I know that I'm dying 
                               D         G 
From all of these secrets that I can't reveal 

             C                      G 
But I can still sing along with the choir 
          D                         G 
While I fight through my own private hell 
   C                       G       C 
Caught between heaven and all my desire 
         G             D      G 
For the girl at the Airways Motel  
When I promised forever the night that I married 
I meant every word that I said 
But a couple years later I stand here a liar 
Next to the woman I know I've misled 
Looking around at this whole congregation 
Too tired to listen, I play with my ring 
I wonder who all of us think that we're fooling 
Hiding from someone who sees everything 
Somewhere between heaven and all my desire 
For the girl at the Airways Motel

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