Die Fun

Tabs, letra y acordes de 'Die Fun' por Kacey Musgraves

             Em            Am C
Do we really have to grow up
            Em         Am    C
If we never do then so what
So what if I don't wanna, what If I'm just
 Am          C
Gonna stay drunk on all the years that i
     Em              Am   C
Just wish would slow up

               G  Em
We can't do it over
      C                        Am
They say it's now or never and all were
                 G   Em
Ever getting is older
Before we get to heaven baby lets
          G              Em
Give them hell, might as well
                C              Am
Cause we don't know when we're done
        G          C
So lets love hard, live fast
     Em   Am  C
Die fun

                   Em           Am    C
Let's put a little more in your glass
                Em            Am    C
Walk around and spend all our cash
Just let me grab my poncho
I don't care where we go
If we speak the language you know
              Em           Am    C
We Don't even have to come back

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