High Time

Tabs, letra y acordes de 'High Time' por Kacey Musgraves

      G    Am
It's high time
           C                       D
To slow my roll let the grass just grow
And lean way back
       G     Am
It's a fine time
              C                D
To let it all go I've been too low
So it's high time

                Am      D
Been missing my roots
Getting rid of the flash
                 Am            D
Nobody needs a thousand dollar suit
Just to take out the trash
             C   D       G       Em
Ain't gotta be alone to feel lonely
                        Am                              D
I'm gonna turn off the phone, start catching up to the old me.


Bm                    Am
You've been all wrong, just wanna feel alright
Bm                                  D
Tomorrow it might come crashing down, but for tonight


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