Tropical Hawaiian Day

Tabs, letra y acordes de 'Tropical Hawaiian Day' por Ka'au Crater Boys

F                    Bb 
Mountains roll down, to the sea, 
C7                     F 
  I wish that you were here with me. 
F                       Bb 
The waves are breaking along the shore, 
C7                          F 
  It`s not the same without you no more 

         Bb      C7   F      Bb     C7   F         | 
   Whoa     Whoa      Whoa     Whoa                | Chorus
F                  Bb 
Watch the sun lift off the sea, 
C7              F 
  Cast a shadow off a tree. 
F                     Bb 
Soon the surfers will catch the wave, 
C7 (2nd time C7 /)         F (don't play F 2nd time) 
  The beach will fill with local babes. 
F            Bb 
Up above the clear blue sky, 
C7                    F 
The tourist cars come driving by. 
F            Bb 
Wind surfers across the bay, 
C7 (2nd time C7 /)  F (don't play F 2nd time) 
  Just a tropical Hawaiian day. 

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