Broken Road

Tabs, letra y acordes de 'Broken Road' por 12 Stones

Intro   A9      B9      C#m9      B9    (2X)


E9                               C#m9
Time moves slowly while you're gone
E9                                     A9
I haven't heard your voice in quite sometime
But I still see your face
     B9                             F#
I cannot erase the things you've done

And all the ways you caught me hangin on

A9              E9
Now you're gone, I moved on
C#m9               B9
And I don't feel so sorry
A9           E9       B9        G#m
Can't you see I'm bleeding, but I won't 
bleed anymore
       E9         C#m9
I held on for so long now
       B9              A
But I had to let you go
        C9        D     B9
At the end of a broken road 

A9      B9      C#m9      B9

E9                             C#m9
I know it hurts to hear the truth
              E9                    A
Well maybe I was never meant to be with you
        C#m9               B9
And I cannot replace the tears of disgrace
That run for you

Cause running from the truth is what you do

C9                    D9    E9
You're all that I've ever known
        C                       B9
And I cannot replace all these tears of 


And I won't bleed for you anymore

Riff Intro

O F# que o Eric Weaver usa é
O F# normal mas sem a pestana!

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