Arms Of a Stranger

Tabs, letra y acordes de 'Arms Of a Stranger' por 12 Stones

Fm        G                   Am 
I came home early to see you 
Couldn't wait to hold you 
Fm          G                 Am 
I've been away for so long now 
Fm          G                          Am 
And as i walked through the doorway 
My heart was shattered 
Fm              G                 Am 
To find that you were not alone 

Fm   G        Am     
When will I break into pieces? 
Fm  G           Am   
Its your mistake, I finally see that 
Fm                               G            Am 
Everything I thought was you was a lie 
Now your loves not dying 
Fm           G             Am 
It's in the arms of a stranger 

Fm                 G                   Am 
The days just seem so much longer 
Now that 'm without you 
Fm           G               Am 
It never seems to get better 
Fm          G            Am 
I'll try to hold it togheter 
Ad I can't wait for 
Fm                 G                 Am         
The day you'll fade from my memory

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