Stay With Me Baby

Tabs, letra y acordes de 'Stay With Me Baby' por Walker Brothers

Intro: D  A  D  

D             E7 G                D
Where did you go when things went wrong, baby?  
G           F#m        Am                   G
Who did you run to and find the shoulder to lay your head upon?  
      E7                           A 
Baby, wasn't I there? Didn't I take good care of you?  
No, no  I can't believe you'd really leave  

D             A  B D             A   /B 
Stay with me, baby, stay with me, baby 
D             A
Stay with me, baby  
           G           D 
I can't go on, no, no, no  

Who did you touch when you needed tenderness?  
I gave you so much and in return I found happiness  
Baby, what did I do? Maybe I was too good, just too good for you  
No, no I can't believe You'd really leave  


G            F#m
Remember you said you'd always call and need me  
G            F#m
Remember you said you'd never ever leave me  
G                     Bb
Remember, remember I'm asking you, begging you  
Oh, oh, please  


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