Hands on deck

Tabs, letra y acordes de 'Hands on deck' por Waking Ashland

Intro B F# E  
B                  F#                                     E             
All hands on deck don?t abandon the ship  
                    C#m                                 B 
You?ll never know what it could have been  
B                    F#                      E                   
All hands on deck my ship is sinking  
                    C#m                     Bm  
Don?t let me go, Don?t let me drown  
Verse 1:  
G#m               B                          E          G#m  
A step to the right to your own rhythm  
                             B                 E              G#m  
And what comes next is up to you  
                B            E                              G#m 
I need a miracle to save me from this  
                 B                  E                     
I need the angels to all pray for me  
I can?t believe you  
Verse 2: (Same chords as verse 1)  
Another day another worry  
Breaks right through  
And indecision bleeds me dry  
She's turning pages without I'm not making for her  
She?s painting pictures without me in mind  
She's got a vision without me in mind  
I can?t believe you  
The long walks on Moon Light beach  
The promises you could not keep  
They're so contagious, You're so contagious  
For all the world we did not see  
For all the smiles you gave to me  
E                                               B  
They're so contagious, So very fake  
Verse 3:  
B              F#              E  
And Goodbye to you, Goodbye to you  
B              F#              E  
And Goodbye to you, Goodbye to you

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