The Boy That I Secretly Love

Tabs, letra y acordes de 'The Boy That I Secretly Love' por Miraculous Ladybug

         Cm                           A#
There is only one thing this kind of damage can bring
            Gm              G#
Cat Noir's Cataclysm, am I right?
               Cm                       A#
And look this gift wrap too, it's an important clue
              Gm                 G#
It's from a present to Adrien tonight

    Eb                      A#
Adrien disappears and Cat Noir steps in
            Fm                 G#
He must be working to protect him
        Cm                A#
My only explanation, my speculation
     Gm                      Cm
Is that some supervillain is after Adrien

        Fm                           Cm
It's a good thing I'm here, I'll protect him without fear
      Gm                  G#
This boy that I secretly love
         Fm                     Cm
And with all of my might, I'll save you tonight
           Gm                   G#
You're the boy that I secretly love

        Eb                             A#
If you never know it's true, I'll be there for you
            Gm                  G#
You're the boy that I secretly love
      Fm                       Cm
But what would you do if you knew what's true?
              Gm               Cm
That's why I so secretly love you

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