Cadence And Cascade

Tabs, letra y acordes de 'Cadence And Cascade' por King Crimson

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Date: 26 May 1994 15:17:13 GMT
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Per a request, I am reposting this tab of....

"Cadence and Cascade"
Written by Robert Fripp and Peter Sinfeld (lyrics)

(NOTE: This is not from any book, magazine, whatever, so it's not a
professional transcription, per se.   Still, this sounds pretty good.  Please
E-Mail any comments to Deceiver@*.)

(YET ANOTHER NOTE: there really is no need for a transcription key; this is a
simple accoustic song with no taps, slides, etc.  Of course you may add what
you like to enhance the song).

a: (instrumental)
b: Cadence   and    cascade      Kept a man       named  Jade;
c: Cool      in the   shade      While his au-dience   played.
d: Sliding        mystified      On the wine       of the tide
e: Stared         pale-eyed      As his veil       fell aside.

|1:             |2:       |
|---9---7---5---|---------|  [do one time as intro, second &
|--------------.|--2-----.|   third times are first verse, then
|---9---8---6---|----2----|   cut to chorus]


a: Purred,  whispered, Rspend us tooS                  \ 1st
b: We       only                     serve for you...S / chorus
c: Sad      paper      courtesan                \ 2nd
d: They     found him                just a man / chorus
                      |1:          |2:


|2 (cont'd):
|-9-8-6--------|  (Now go back to verse, alternating picking
|--------------|   order on arpeggios, etc.  Listen to the
|--------------|   recording for the exact order)
|------------- |

[then, without playing the verse ending, play the bridge as chords (mostly) in
this order:]

[use these chords]
         F#min7         Amin7    Emin7   Amaj7
          __2__         __0__   __0__   __0__
          __2__         __1__   __3__   __2__
          __2__         __0__   __3__   __1__
          __2__         __2__   __0__   __2__
          __4__         __0__   __2__   __0__
          __2__         __0__   __0__   _____

F#m7 (or Amj7)    Am7                     Em7               Am7
Caravan hotel    where the sequin spell fell, Custom of the game

F#m7                  Am7                Em7
Cadence oiled in love lied hand, Cascade

            (see below)
kissed his name.

[arpeggiate Amaj7 on first ending, then for 2nd ending:]

|--1--------|   [do verse one more time (instrumental) and cut
|----0------|   into a final, lyrical chorus:

Sad paper courtesan
They knew him just a man.
[fade out with improvised (lots of flute, piano going on) guitar in F#min &
G#minor (I think)]

[That's it, hope you enjoy.  I've been looking for a TAB for this song for
awhile, I finally had to do it myself]
-Jason Zack

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