Curse Of Being A Girl

Tabs, letra y acordes de 'Curse Of Being A Girl' por Kashmir

Tabbed by: Skipper Mikkel
Email: M*

Tuning: Standard


 A5  G  A7sus  Em7  Bm  D5  Cadd9  Dsus4/A  D    F  A5sus  Bm7  Bm7/A



Verse 1:

G                          A7sus
You pretend that you're allright
The worst noise
Is when you are keeping quiet
D5                      A7sus
Seing now the kind of girl
         Cadd9 G    Cadd9 G Dsus4/A*
you will dramatise, traumatise

*the chords Cadd9 G Cadd9 G Dsus4/A are played like:

Verse 2:

Don't fold your hands, don't hold your tounge
The other girls will try to prove you wrong
The words will torture like a storm
you can't step aside, you can't resign


D                      Em7     Cadd9
It's just the curse of being a girl
G                F                 A5sus
tonight you must hold your head up high
D                        Em7    Cadd9
Be aware that you're the purest pearl
G                     A7sus             Cadd9
Tonight you'll blow reflections back in their eyes

 Em7   Bm    G     Bm7    Em7   Bm    G      Bm7/A   
-----9-9-7-9---9--------------9-9-7-9---10-9-7-----|   x2
**hit some of the notes several times.

Verse 3:

You're reaching out to grab his hand
He must be the worlds most tired man
and so began his compliments
If he sees it all he must use it all
It should be unforgettable
The crowded skies should be convertible
And in the end in this monkey hole
Full of concubines, the rabid kind


It's the curse of being a girl
Tonight you can hardly make the change
Look around it's more than half the world tonight
You must go through that same rage


Cadd9 Cadd9 A7sus Cadd9 G

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