Tabs, letra y acordes de 'Hamburger' por Ian Ramil

Am                   E
Hamburger Chamber's served in all ways 
F                            Am
America is our little friend: no bolero in the ghetto 
Am                       E
Some of our girls, wow! Can`t wait 
F                              B
Hamburger is garbage, says my girl, hello! 

Am                               E
Hamburger and girls, yeah! we`re sure about the world! 
Dm                               Am
Threw my brick, it's great, I'm great, I'm burger, hamburger, all true! 
Am                            E
And gay we all are when to a drag we can't resist 
      Dm              Am
Hamburger! Oh my! Today I'm British! 
Am            E
Meet Farmer Fire Girl 
Dm                   E
Who is programmed to revel with all girls, I did her! 
Am                           E
Rainning hamburgers! did you say we gonna die? 
    Dm                           Am
I agree and to help I'll make it rain 
We're gonna rhyme our rare fun on another grave 
     Dm                          Am
It really doesn't matter why it rains 
Am                E
The world has passed me by 
   Dm                      E                         Am
Ambition makes you pretty ugly then you die, I know!

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