Words Big Mouth

Tabs, letra y acordes de 'Words Big Mouth' por Ian Hunter

Tabbed By:Me.

By: *

Album: Shrunken Heads

Awesomness: Speechless, so to say.

Capo 2nd fret.


I've got a big one

E7 A





E7           A                        E7
It's me, I didn't mean to wake you
   A                   E7
I owe you an apology about last night
Well I was just letting off steam
E7                          A
Black Dog lurking in the alleyway
E7                          A
Alcohol arriving with the key
E7                          A
Open up the floodgates and out it comes
E7                      A
Like a river full of grafitti

E7          A                    E7
Words... little beads of poison
   A                    E7
Letting out the venom
A                             E7
One thing for certain baby
I got a big mouth

Goes on in all the verses, solos & outro.

Em F#m
Am Bm

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