Song For No-one

Tabs, letra y acordes de 'Song For No-one' por Ian Broudie

Intro: D - G {4 times} 
       D     G                D        G 
From night sky's dressed in cloud 
          D        G           D          
Morning came you taste in my mouth 
G           D             Em          G        A 
I like the way that your hair falls down in your eyes 
D         G           D 
And you blush when you smile,  
       G                 D          G       D       
when sleep becomes your sign and far away fly 
G           D            Em 
I love the way that you stare  
           G             A 
when the sleep fills your eyes 
D      G           D               
So yesterday has gone, who knows  
    G               D    A     G 
tomorrow may bring all we'll desire 
  Em        G    A   D 
Tomorrow, brings the sun  
  A        D                  A          D 
Kiss the world with fingers crossed 
    A        D                  A          D 
I kiss the world with fingers crossed 
             Bm                 A 
I've been praised, I've been cursed,  
             G               A            D  
I've been blaimed and I've won and I've lost 
A G A 
On ways to throw your heart the future glides 
I hope the serpents in the tide are all gone 
What's done is done 
A song for no one's in my hand 
A song they'll never understand 'til I have gone 
And tomorrow brings the sun

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