It Works Itself Out

Tabs, letra y acordes de 'It Works Itself Out' por Half Moon Run

C Am Em

      Am              Em        C          Am
Is it all that you need to get by to feel good?
Em                  C             Am   Em
Satisfied that you did what you could
                C   Am            Em
It works itself out, works itself out

C                Am                      Em
Just, is it time to take a look at what happened?
       C            Am
Oh, bound by your shame
         Em                   C     Am    Em
When you made the mistake of reacting to reaction

Em G C#m Bm C
             Am                Em           C   Am   Em  C
You put your thoughts into the shape of a weapon
             Am               Em     C     Am   Em
And all you did was learn a terrible lesson
            D         Am  Em   D
That you can sell me out again
Am       Em   G  D
Sell me out again

C           Am                 Em
There is a thought that drifts away
It's an echo
  Am        Em             C      Am
A memory replaced by distractions
It's a distraction

Outro 2:
Em G Am Bm
               C      Am   Em
Your suicidal regrets and all
     C       Am   Em
(My love, it has died)
             C  Am      Em
I guess that you should know
  C           Am     Em
(The dream is still alive)

         D      Am   Em  D
You can sell me out again

Am      Em    G  D
Sell me out again

Em C 3x

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